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Bluegrass Underground Ticket Gift Certificate

Bluegrass Underground Ticket Gift Certificate

$ 45.74

Give the gift of music in the Volcano Room!

Each Ticket Gift Certificate Code can be redeemed for credit towards a ticket purchase at The Bluegrass Underground Online Box Office , and lets the gift recipient choose the show that they want to see the most.  You'll also be able to download an official Ticket Gift Certificate Code, on which you can fill in the unique code(s) that you've purchased, and give to your intended recipient.  Available in $35.00 and $70.00 denominations plus applicable fees and taxes (so your gift recipient doesn't have to pay that either!); each code is unique and can only be used once. 

Your purchased codes will be made available after checkout (by clicking the big "Get Your Ticket Gift Codes Here" button); you will also receive a separate email with a link to your Ticket Gift Code Certificate, and your code numbers.  Note that you will not receive physical gift certificates!

All codes are valid through 12/31/2017.  Codes cannot be used to purchase tickets for the annual PBS show tapings.  Besides the PBS show tapings, certificates can be redeemed for their face values of $45.74 or $91.48 for any cave show, including monthly radio show tapings.  The cave is NOT handicap accessible.  There will be no refunds on purchased Ticket Gift Certificate Codes.